Derby Comedy Festival has finally begun!

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Fri 5 May 2017

Derby Comedy Festival has finally begun! We've been waiting for weeks, and now we're ready for 9 days of laughs from all of our favourite comedians. Here’s a full low-down of who’s who at this year’s Derby Comedy Festival…

Jon Pearson – Feet First

To hell with consequences!

Jon loves jumping in feet first, for the big decisions, small ones, not so much. Join Jon as he grapples with how his ludicrous decisions affect those he loves.

Fri 5 May, 7pm – buy your tickets here.


Stand Up Mi Duck – A celebration of Derbyshire Comedy!

For the 3rd year running Furthest From The Sea present ‘Stand Up Mi Duck’ a showcase of Derby and Derbyshire comedy, featuring the best in emerging local talent plus special guests.

A great way to kick off this year's Festival! Fri 5 May, 7.30pm – Tickets available here.


Lee Hurst – Comedy Show No.9

Lee’s style of comedy is funny stories, quality gags and side-splitting observations. There are no gimmicks. There is no over-arching narrative, journey or message. This is one man, a mic and his mind.

Fri 5 May, 8pm - Limited tickets are still available here!


Ben MacPherson as Byron Montrose - The Fall of Byron Monrose; Poet. Gentleman. Lover

Pun-filled comedy story-telling from the lost Romantic poet, Byron Montrose.  Join Byron as he tells the story of his exile, his adventures and the atrocious poetry he wrote about it.

Fri 5 May, 8.20pm - A last minute booking! Get your tickets here.


Freddy Quinne - Entfremdung

Award-winning comedian Freddy Quinne brings his debut solo hour to Derby.

With sell-out shows at both Nottingham Comedy Festival and Leicester Comedy Festival, book now to avoid disappointment!

Fri 5 May, 9.40pm


Paul Savage is Set to Self Destruct

Paul Savage gets himself into good places, then he blows it all up.

Join him as he explores his capacity for self-sabotage and where his destructive tendencies come from (with jokes).

Sat 6 May, 5.30pm – Get your tickets to see Paul Savage self destruct here.


Lost Voice Guy – Disability for Dunces Volume 2

Can you really not talk? Have you ever tried talking, just to see what happens?  Seriously, can you not talk at all?

These are just a few of the questions that BBC New Comedy Award winner Lost Voice Guy gets asked on a regular basis.

Sat 6 May, 6.50pm - Get your tickets to find out the answer here.


Adam Rowe

Adam Rowe is a selfish, arrogant, Unbearable little s**t. He'll make anyone's problems somehow about himself. But how far can he take that for a comedy show? This one looks to find out.

Sat 6 May, 8.10pm – Tickets available here.


Stevie Gray and Ant Dewson Tickle the Bean

Award-winning comedy duo Stevie Gray and Ant Dewson sing stupid songs and tell hilarious stories to tickle your wiggly bits.

Sat 6 May, 9.30pm – With free entry this is one you won’t want to miss getting tickets for!


Kevin Precious – Work in Progress

Kevin Precious is a former RE Teacher who attends Humanist meetings. Expect school-based anecdotes, scepticism, and ruminations on the philosophy of religion and the God-shaped hole.

Sun 7 May, 3pm – Tickets available here.


Archie Maddocks – IlluminArchie

IlluminArchie is the hilarious new show by living-legend, “super cool, super smart storyteller” (Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard) Award winning comedian, Archie Maddocks.

Sun 7 May, 4.20pm – Get your tickets to join Archie for his new show here.


Bobby Mair

Bobby Mair is a brutally honest and hilarious stand-up comedian currently writing his bio. He has appeared on 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Russell Howard’s Good News and more.

Sun 7 May, 5.40pm – Get your tickets to see the infamous troller here.


Kate Smurthwaite – Smurthwaite on Masculinity

Left-wing, highbrow, feminist, atheist comedian Kate Smurthwaite finally takes on the issue right at the very heart of women’s rights: men.

And she’s taken “getting inside the subject” to a new level - performing the whole show in drag as her male alter-ego Milo Standards!

Sun 7 May, 7pm – Get your tickets to see Kate investigate men here.


Tom Wrigglesworth

Expect elegant storytelling courtesy of one of the finest and most original comics in the UK.

Sony Award Winner, Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee, Chortle & Time Out Award winner and Star of Radio 4 and BBC 2.

Sun 7 May, 8.20pm – Tickets available here.


Liam Webber – Child of the Grand Eagle

Fresh from selling out at Nottingham and the Leicester Comedy Festival, this surreal, fast-paced collection of hilarious comic vignettes and stories is sure to be quite unlike anything you've seen before…

Mon 8 May, 7pm - Buy your tickets to be thrilled/dazzled/confused/vaguely entertained here.


Tony Law – A Law Undo His-elf What welcome

Multi award-winning comedian, Tony Law embarks on a UK tour with a brand new show of the inimitable surreal comedy-art that has made him one of the most celebrated live performers in the UK.

Mon 8 May, 8pm – suitable for ages 12+. Tickets are still available to witness nonsense nirvana here.


Ivo Graham – Work in Progress

Charming, bumbling, family-friendly fun as seen/heard on Live At The Apollo, Mock The Week, Russell Howard's Stand Up Central, Fighting Talk, and the Josh Widdicombe XFM podcast.

Tue 9 May, 7pm – Get your tickets to see this young talent here.


George Rigden

Leicester Mercury Comedian of the year nominee George is excited to bring his uniquely debauched brand of "musical comedy" to Derby Comedy Festival.

George is replacing Jake Lambert who will unfortunately not be able to attend this year’s festival.

Tue 9 May, 8.30pm – Tickets available here.


Patrick Monahan – Rewind Selector 90s

Brand new stand up show from international multi-award winning Irish Iranian comedian Patrick Monahan, talking about life growing up in the UK as a teenager, with Irish Iranian parents and the world before social media.

Wed 10 May, 7pm – Buy your tickets to rewind to the 90s here.


The Time Traveller and the Ferret – Marshall B Anderson and the Ferret

An evening of comedy with jaded old git Marshall B Anderson and filthy songsmith Ferrit. If you’re old and jaded and/or filthy, this is the night for you!

Wed 10 May, 7.30pm – Tickets for an evening of song and filth available here.


Marcel Lucont’s Whine List

The finest flâneur brings a new interactive show to the baying masses. Expect louche musings, deadpan wit and Gallic superiority,

Wed 10 May, 8pm – suitable for ages 16+. Don’t miss out on an evening of comedic superiority and accents, get your tickets here.


Imran Yusuf – Work in Progress

Imran navigates the Muslim narrative he has inherited by virtue of birth alone and has to decide whether this experience is a burden or a blessing …

Wed 10 May, 8.30pm – Tickets available here.


The Elvis Dead

A tribute to the sequel to the ultimate in gruelling terror … and the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Evil Dead 2 reinterpreted through the songs of Elvis. What more do you need to know?

Thu 11 May, 7pm – Elvis and the dead? Get your tickets here!


Cartoonopolis – Written and performed by Lewis Bray

Come with Jack – a young man with severe autism – and his brother, Lewis as they fight inner demons, famous cartoon characters and a whole heap of baddies to stop ‘Mayor Sharp’ from taking over Cartoonopolis.

Thu 11 May, 7.30pm – Have a laugh and learn more about autism with Lewis Bray’s one man show, tickets available here.


Verbal Discharge – Eurovision Referendum

A celebration of the best, but mostly worst, of Europe’s favourite flurry of bewildering, tuneless wonder – and by that we mean Eurovision, not Nigel Farage.

Thu 11 May, 8pm – Tickets to see award-winning comedy group/ remoaners Verbal Discharge available here.


Rachel Parris – Keynote (Preview)

Rachel Parris has been asked to give a speech at her old school. Through "endearingly frank and funny" stand-up, song and sketch, she'll examine what kind of messed up message she can possibly offer to impressionable young minds.

Thu 11 May, 8.30pm – Preview Rachel’s speech here.


Cheekykita – Somewhere in the ether

Cheekykita's dream... where anything can happen. A surreal, absurd place that's a little bit upside down. One of the strangest acts you're ever likely to see, this one woman character comedian has drawn similarities to The Mighty Boosh and Spike Milligan.

Fri 12 May, 7.30pm – Buy your tickets to the surreal here.


Jeremy Hardy

Jeremy Hardy is in his 4th decade as a stand-up.

“In an ideal world, Jeremy Hardy would be extremely famous, but an ideal world would leave him without most of his material.” The Guardian

Fri 12 May, 8pm – With only limited tickets left be sure to grab yours quick!


Creating Comedy Characters

The Lost Boys guide you through a practical workshop that explores building and developing comedic characters for stage and screen.

Absurd, naturalistic, human, alien, there are no limits.

Sat 13 May, 12.30pm and 3.30pm – Become a comedian with the Lost Boys! Get your tickets here.


Comedy Club 4 Kids!

Comedy isn’t just for adults! Cracking entertainment for everyone over six years old and under 400 years old (no vampires). We have the best comedians from the UK and world circuit doing what they do best… but without the rude bits!

Sat 13 May, 2pm – Tickets for everyone! Available here.


Kev’s Komedy Kitchen – The Second Cumin

The team who cooked up Kev’s Komedy Kitchen in 2016 return with a new show! More culinary demonstrations, celebrity guests and food based challenges in this ‘live television recording’.

Sat 13 May, 5pm. Tickets available to here.


Will Duggan – Perscipuator

In a world mired in issues. On a globe drowning in strife. In this time at this place when everything is going pretty bad to be honest, no joke, it's not nice. Who will help us? Where do we place our hope? Who will guide us to the light of a non religion affiliated salvation? Will Duggan.

Sat 13 May, 6.50pm – Buy your tickets to watch Will sort this whole mess out here.


A Hollywood History of the World

From the guys that brought you the sell-out A Christmas Carol, The Lost Boys return to the Old Bell with their exploration of how Hollywood as treated historical fact and how that has affected the layman’s understanding of history.

Sat 13 May, 7.30pm - Blending stand-up comedy, sketch humour and theatre creating a whirlwind production of clichés, wigs and wit – don’t miss out!


Simon Caine – Laughter is the Best Placebo

Simon’s life is a constant search for emotional and electrical outlets. If you can relate, this is the show for you.

Sat 13 May, 7.30pm – Get your tickets to see this failed millennial here.


Ginger is the New Black – Written and performed by James Wilson-Taylor

Join James for a musical history of the redhead as he attempts to end the bullying and rebrand gingers for 2017.

Sat 13 May, 8pm – Tickets are still available to see this Edinburgh hit musical comedy here.


Star Trek vs Star Wars

Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown – Star Trek vs Star Wars! Geek culture collides in this fight to see which is better, a galaxy far far away or the final frontier.

Sat 13 May, 8.10pm – Get your tickets to see Rik Carranza host an assortment of top guests in this battle for sci-fi superiority here.


Cock-Kane The Clown (UK) – Debunks Coulrophobia

Magic. Music. Mayhem. And Balloons. Plenty of Balloons.

Al Grant’s alter ego has entered a warped and dark place.

Sat 13 May, 9pm - Satisfy your curiosity as to why this tantalising individual brings a sledgehammer to a rather flimsy 4th wall here.


Abi Roberts – Anglichanka

Anglichanka (Englishwoman in Russian) is an exhilarating new comedy show about living in the former Soviet Union in the 90s and returning after 18 years as the first UK comic to perform comedy in English and Russian.

Sat 13 May, 9.30pm – Tickets are still available here.


How to be a Better Supervillain with Vincent Saxby

Ever been told you’re naughty by your Parents, teachers, boss, or even your friends? Why not become a Supervillain! Criminal past not essential, just an attitude to change the world.

Sun 14 May, 12.30pm – suitable for ages 5+. Sign up to Vincent’s  supervillain course here.


Christian Lee presents


With his faithful teddy bear, deckchair and fantastic basket of tricks, Christian Lee is all set for a lovely day at the seaside… until the day takes a turn and things don’t quite work out as planned.

Sun 14 May, 2pm – suitable for ages 3-8 years. Join our hapless hero on this family-friendly adventure here.


Jo D’Arcy – D’Arcehole

Got called ALL the names in High School, then went back to teach and got them all again, but none of them are as bad as the names she’s called herself.

Sun 14 May, 3pm – Get your tickets here.


The Edi Johnston Bit

Ukulele, hip-hop, musical comedy for all, from the ginger tea supping chap himself.  Join Edi for some songs that his mum says are quite good, about literally none of the important issues in life.

Sun 14 May, 3.30pm – Get your tickets for some English silliness here.


John Hastings

***** EVERYONE. Need we say more?

Sun 14 May, 4.30pm – Buy your tickets to see John Hastings try some jokes here.


Josh Pugh – Edinburgh Preview

Join current English Comedian of the Year Josh Pugh for a debut show - an hour of left-field autobiographical comedy from what Chortle describes as "a peculiarly offbeat mind."

Sun 14 May, 5.40pm – This show has been a sell out at previous venues, get your tickets quick!


Tom Houghton – Work in Progress

Work in progress show from the former star-with-a-guitar of The Noise Next Door and Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year finalist. Expect rebellion, charm and outrage with occasional musical brilliance.

Sun 14 May, 7pm – Tickets available here.


Damian Clark

The Aussie hurricane is back with his new feel-good energetic hour. He is fast becoming a firm favourite on the UK comedy circuit - DON'T MISS OUT.

Sun 14 May, 8.20pm – get your tickets here.


We'll see you there!