Spotlight on; Ben Norris

Ben Norris

Wed 14 May 2014

Ben Norris has been touring for nearly two decades, fresh from supporting Ed Byrne on his UK tour, Ben is now going it alone with his show Mr Ambiguousness. 

Ben began performing stand-up comedy in 1993 and has developed a relaxed on stage persona, with the knack of improving as well as delivering his sharply crafted material. In his career he has become a highly experienced and well respected comedian; below are some of his reviews...

"truly a sight to behold" Ed Byrne

"The term circuit legend is overused, but Norris is one of a handful that have been headlining for more than two decades and rarely departs a stage without leaving it torn to shreds in his wake. A master of the craft, this will be an hour of the most polished stand-up you are likely to see." GQ Magazine

"Ben Norris may not be a household name, but then very few really good comedians are these days. He has been touring steadily for the past two decades, and he's developed a razor sharp act in the process; it's hard to think of anyone on the circuit who works an audience with as much as much skill and flair." The Scotsman

" acerbic attitude, a well-stocked arsenal of sharp lines and the wherewithal to work any crowd make Norris one of the more engaging and enjoyable comics on the circuit" Chortle

Ben has previously performed at comedy festivals all over the world and has recently started presenting at high profile corporate events and award ceremonies. He's also been doing some voiceover work on some well known campaigns. He's the father of triplets - 2 girls and a boy - and is the cousin of actor Martin Freeman.