Spotlight on: The Maypole Café, Bar and Theatre

Thu 24 Mar 2016

The Maypole Café, Bar and Theatre is a recent addition to Derby's entertainment venues, providing an intimate theatre space and funky café bar on the edge of the City centre.

Furthest From the Sea, who are at the forefront of Derby's artistic offering, programme an alternative list of local creative, including small scale theatre productions, comedy, dance, spoken word and live music.

During the day, the café bar serves a fine selection of fairtrade coffee, award winning teas, handmade cakes and light breakfasts and lunches. In the evenings, a great range of craft beers, hand pulled ales and a great selection of wines and spirits are also on offer. Gluten free and dairy free options are available. 

The artistic interior and thoughtful presentation make for a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, providing a fantastic venue for some of our gifted acts on the Derby Comedy Festival programme.

From the quick witted one liner to the absolutely outrageous, the Maypole Café, Bar and Theatre will host at least one act every day throughout the eleven-day festival. Kicking off with Swingerella's Dark Fairytale, then followed by Stand Up Mi Duck, Millions of Voices, How to be a better Supervillain, Lord Illusion, Kiri Pritchard McLean and James Meehan, Bethany Black and Will Duggan, Verbal Discharge, Cheekykita and ending with Paria Exchange.

These events are promoted by Furthest From The Sea, and Derby LIVE are pleased to act as a ticket agent. Find out more about The Maypole Café, Bar and Theatre by visiting their website and visit our Whats-On page for a full lists of shows taking place over the festival.