Spotlight on; Norman Lovett

Norman Lovett

Wed 11 Jun 2014

Norman Lovett was born in Windsor on 31 October 1946 and is best known for playing Holly in Red Dwarf during several successful series.

Before beginning a career in comedy, Lovett worked in manual and office based jobs, including working as an attendant at Whitechapel Art Gallery.

As well as appearing in Red Dwarf, Lovett starred in two other sitcoms I, Lovett - in which he played a character called Norman - and Asylum where he played Dr. Lovett. He has also acted in several TV adaptations, films and guest starred in other sitcoms including A Christmas Carol, Keeping Up Appearances and The Bill.

In 2000 Norman embarked on his first stand up tour with fellow Red Dwarf actor Chris Barrie, the success of which has led to many further tours, including his return to Derby for the Comedy Festival.

You can see a clip of Norman's Stand-up below

Norman Lovett Stand Up