The line-up is nearing completion!

Call Me Merman, Chris Fitchew, Little Howard

Fri 6 Mar 2015

You may have noticed that the carousel on the top of the website home page has been getting fuller recently, this is because we're almost there at finalising the festival line-up! 

Read on to find out more about the newest events that have been added to the website;

Little Howard's Big Show for Kids 

The world's only interactive animation that has won so many awards, he's starting to lose count! Suitable for ages 6+

Little Howard - Stand Up Animator

This one's for the grown-ups, watch as the animations come to life and become the stars of the show! 

The History of the World according to Hollywood

The Lost Boys return with their first stand up and sketch show, inspired by film and Hollywood's adaptation of the world.

I Never Told A Joke In My Life

A speech about dead comedians, forgotten comedians, about every comedian that's been and ever will be. 

Call Me Merman

Rosemary Ashe pays tribute to Ethel Merman, the legendary first lady of Musical Comedy stage.

Revenge of the Guargantuan Poo Monster

The small rural town of Quolon is threatened by a terrifying monster and only two cowboy plumbers stand in its way.

Chris Fitchew

Derby boy Chris returns with his brand new one-man show, where he'll bring his comic creations to life. 


Please note that tickets for Little Howard, I Never Told A Joke In My Life and Chris Fitchew cannot be purchased through Derby LIVE or the Derby Comedy Festival website - there are links to where to purchase on the event pages.